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Project Overview

On this Thunderfoot project, we developed a 2 phased approach.

In the first phase, our focus was on analyzing a large database containing 200,000 records. As part of this process, we utilized the Twilio API, which played a crucial role in efficiently handling and processing the data. Working closely with the marketing team, we aimed to identify prospects that met specific criteria, leveraging the power of the Twilio API to streamline our analysis.

In the second phase, our objective was to create a rapid and efficient landing page. Building upon the insights gathered during the initial analysis, we designed a landing page that would effectively cater to the identified prospects and their needs.

We meticulously optimized this page to achieve exceptional results in Google Page Speed, ensuring outstanding performance for our users. To accomplish this, we employed Astro as a frontend layer and integrated Sanity as CMS. The deployment of the website was handled using Netlify, a reliable and efficient platform for hosting and continuous integration.

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We successfully processed more than 200,000 records with Twilio, enabling us to distinguish authentic contacts within the database.