About Me

This is my journey

speaking at awwwards 2022

I'm Andres Clúa, a Creative Developer originally from Uruguay, but now based in Bilbao.

I have a diverse work background that includes experience at companies like TEF & ProXPN, as well as ventures in the startup world with SQfactory, AnchorID & M3 Technologies.

These opportunities have provided me with valuable experience in the tech industry.

sorry for the selfie

I moved on to work with Thunderfoot as a freelancer 8 years ago and gradually progressed to various positions within the company and 3 years ago, I was promoted to the role of Director of Technology.

Today, I run a fully remote team across Europe, leveraging my expertise to deliver exceptional results for clients.

With a passion for web development and a drive for success, I am dedicated to delivering outstanding results for clients and helping businesses succeed in the digital age.